The Colegio Evangelico Rincon del Tigre is an institution dependent of the Evangelical Baptist Mission of Rincon del Tigre. It is located in the state of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to the north of Puerto Suárez. It started with the purpose of giving the opportunity of an education with ethical, moral and spiritual principles that would dignify the children of the region; sharing the Living, True God, and the free Salvation that He offers for all without any distinction.

It began with the arrival of Latvian missionaries from the Brazil, with a teacher among them, that began to teach the children of the workers under a large tree. Seeing the great necessity of a basic education, the missionaries built a one room school and she began to teach many children and adults. In 1951 it was organized like Escuela Particular Mixta Rincon del Tigre, recognized by the Ministry of Education with the RM 378 in 1954. With the increase of the pupils, there was the necessity to register as a full Grade School, legalized officially by the RM 1007; signing an Agreement of Reciprocal Cooperation with the Ministry of Education. In 1995 it was established as full High School with the RS 846; graduating the first class in 1998. The curriculum follows the program indicated by the Ministry of Education of Bolivia, with the goal of satisfying the basic needs of the students, based on Biblical principles for life.

Having begun with few resources and precarious infrastructure was not reason for discouragement, but that with the help of God, churches and of volunteers, every year has been improved.

As the only school in the region, many parents from surrounding villages a houses scattered through the jungle wanted to send their children to school, asking the Mission to take the in. This was the beginning of the dorms for students. In order to take care of students from distant places, the Mission maintains in gratuitous way a boarding school for at least 120 students every year, providing free lodging, food, washed and ironed clothes, medicines, etc. With this vision is that laboratories of Chemistry and Physics have been projected, as well as a Scholastic Library with study area. Our school is the center and our principal supervises 10 distant associate units, with terrible roads, arriving at some of them only by horse. We seek to guide the development of the students as whole being, strengthening patriotism and love for the country in this forgotten and isolated border region, but under God’s given principles. Every day starts with 45 min of Bible study divided by age groups, before breakfast. At school, the work day starts with a devotional period and the day ends with a devotional time in the dorms before going to bed. We know that the Word and principles planted in these young hearths will bring fruits in the future.

We thank God for the change He has brought in so many lives. Many have turned their lives over to Christ as Savior, some obeying in baptism; the Lord allows us to instill His Word and principles in their hearths and even reach their families. Help for overcoming alcoholism, drugs, immorality, freedom from evil spirits and sin. Alumni are making a difference in their homes, villages, region, country, where ever they go. Some have become authorities, businessmen, Meyer of cities, etc.

We are thankful to God for strength and wisdom and pray that more teachers and consecrated believer could help with the dorms, main kitchen, discipleship, student work, etc.